Glassy Baby Catering

I am so thrilled to share this post with you all! This was one of my favorite events I have ever done. I got the chance to cater for one of my favorite clients up in pasadena. She is a big fan of Glassy Babies, which I was unfamiliar with until now! These glass votives are a beautiful way to add a splash of color and elegant lighting to any event. You can find more information on their website I was fortunante enough to do all the floral arrangements and of course the food! Here are some pictures for your inspiration along with some pictures of the food.


Fun Blue, Burlap and Red Catering

Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love using it as a base color for event tables.  By keeping the florals neutral and adding a splash of color with a bright color like red or yellow, florals pop and add a great color contrast to your tablescape.

I use burlap for tons of events and love the natural texture it adds to decor.  It is also very cheap.  You can buy a couple yards of burlap and use it as your base tablecloth, then add pops of color or a uniquely designed tablecloth and you will have a great base to your event table.