An Affordable Personal Chef

Most people think of personal chef services to be a luxury expense, which in this economy is not affordable.  Plate It Up By Megan is different!  I have created meal services specifically for those families who are trying to save money, but still have healthy meals for their families that they can enjoy together.  Our lifestyles and responsibilities don’t allow for hours on end to cook healthy meals for our loved ones.  I wanted to have a personal chef service that is affordable, convenient, healthy and delicious.  Clients are saving money on food waste and take out, while really getting to enjoy their family at the dinner table.

Family of Four Food Cost/Quick Facts Per Week

$ on groceries per week: $200
$ spent on take out: $50
$ from food waste: $30
Time spent on preparing meals: 6 hours per week

Plate It Up By Megan Meal Services

$ on groceries per week: $185-$195 depending on the service you choose
$ spent on take out: $0
$ from food waste: $0
Time spent on preparing meals: 0 hours per week and 6 more hours with your family

Weekly Meal Service Custom: Great for people with special
 dietary needs and diets!
Includes: Five healthy, delicious, custom made meals to fit your
 specific dietary needs or restrictions. I do all grocery shopping, 
meal preparation, meal labeling, packaging and meal prep sheet.
$195 per week (flat fee)

Weekly Meal Service Team: Great for busy families!
Includes: Team up with a friend and get five healthy, 

delicious, meals that are personally chosen from my 
recipe database for each family. I do all grocery shopping,
 meal preparation, meal labeling, packaging and 
meal prep sheet.
$185 per week (flat fee)

Biweekly Fresh and Frozen: Great for busy families!
Includes: 10 healthy, delicious, fresh and frozen meals

 that are personally chosen from my recipe database to 
fit your tastes. I do all grocery shopping, meal preparation, 
meal labeling, packaging and meal prep sheet.
$375 (flat fee)

*All meal plans are based off a family of four

Serving: Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties
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Pie Bar Inspiration Board

I love doing pie bars because it is different than the usual cupcake bar.  Here is a pie bar that I did for an engagement party.  Get creative and mix in tarts, pie shooters and mini pies.  For more inspiration William Sanoma sells a great cookbook on pies called Mini Pies.  

 Pie Skewers

Mini Berry Pies and Pecan Pies

 Banana Cream Pie Shooters

Summer Italian Dinner Party

A true summer Italian dinner party is fresh and delicious.  I made homemade fococcia with rosemary and smoked salt, arugula salad with tomatoes and Parmesan, homemade spaghetti with clams and courtesy of my dear friend Brenna a Lemon cake with fresh berries and almond whipped cream.  Truly delicious!  You can reserve your summer catering now.

Pizza time!!!

Pizza is a food you can test your creativity! Don’t be afraid to try new things. One of my favorites is with avocado and lemon zest.  It is so delicious and creamy.  I know it sounds weird, but try it!

 Prosciutto and arugula with fig jam

 Slow roasted tomato with avocado and lemon zest

 Zucchini blossom, ham and fresh mozzarella

And of course if you want a fantastic, but traditional go for the margarita