College Cooking Class

My cousin Tom is a college student and is living in a fraternity house next year so we did a cooking class with his friends to teach them some great easy recipes that only require a microwave. I stuck with Trader Joe’s for all the ingredients to keep it inexpensive so they stay on their college budgets. We did lentil dip, salad in bag, flatbreads, enchilada casserole with guacamole in a bag, and a vanilla banana trifle. I had so much fun with these boys and surprisingly they were great cooks! I was very impressed, not to mention they looked so cute in their aprons!

Lady Bug Summer Get Together

This was such a fun event to cater. I did a lady bug theme with greens and reds. The table was decorated with red sunflowers, mason jars and lady bug details. The menu consisted of BLT, thai chicken, and BBQ chicken flatbreads, a green salad with olive croutons, fruit and sweet potato fries served in mini shopping baskets. Dessert was a float bar with rootbeer and orange sodas.

To Celebrate A Life

This was a beautiful event to honor a life. The service was in the morning so we did a brunch for the loved ones and guests. I did mini breakfast burritos, mini sun-dried tomato and pesto fritattas, zucchini bread, banana bread, a chocolate bunt cake, rolls, muffins, biscookie, and the loved ones favorite dish to honor his memory a crossaint bread pudding.