Bible Study Retreat Dinner

For dinner I did a Mediterranean theme. The decor was so fun to do! I did all the arrangements and had little favors of handmade chocolates with the verse the ladies studied that day. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of the table all set when the sun was going down, but the darker pictures are when the party was over so you could see what it really looked like at dinner time with the beautiful candle light and sunset.

The dinner started off with a bellini bar and a trio of hummus and pita chips. The first course was a cucumber, heirloom tomato salad with feta. For the main course I chose to do one of my favorite dishes from Italy; rosemary and garlic crusted lamb chops with a mint gremolita served with Mediterranean marinated roasted vegetables and an orzo salad with artichoke hearts, golden raisins, and pine nuts. We topped the meal off with one of my favorite summer desserts a mixed berry cobbler with home made cinnamon almond gelato!

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